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Property Investment including AirBnB accomodation of a tranquil one bedroomed split level apartment situated on boundary of 5 star golf resort suitable for a couple, 5 mins outside historic Arrowtown in Central Otago. For some more information, my apartment is a converted office on the end of my own home property. The upstairs is where 2 of us used to work at built-in office desks running around the room, which were removed to transform the area into a nice bedroom with a King sized bed. Downstairs is where we used to have coffees and meetings around a table, with a small room off to the side with a toilet, wall hung handbasin and a tiled shower. One of my staff used to bike 30 mins to come to work, so we altered the toilet to encompass a shower for her. Once we all started working remotely, the space was unused so I converted it into a rental apartment that I could easily manage being on-site. It has been a success for a few years now - Covid19 aside! Consequently, the apartment has not been custom built as a rental apartment, but is a conversion from another function. In a perfect world, the bathroom would be considerably bigger, and the kitchenette area would be bigger too. However, despite its compact size, I have been getting extremely favourable feedback for this cosy, quiet oasis out the back of the Millbrook Golf Resort. My 5 acre property is not part of the Millbrook Resort as I was here before the resort and golf course came along :) However, the resort had to grant me easement and access rights to get from the main road so my long approach access driveway is rather wonderful :-) Having the hotel resort over the fence means there are several restaurants and bars within comfortable walking distance. There is a heat pump in the apartment bedroom and an electric heater downstairs by the sofa/tv. Essentially, my apartment offers a wonderfully quiet and serene base for exploring the area or visiting friends and family. My own home is actually also a conversion, as I live in what originally was our original 4-bay farming shed, that was gutted and converted into what I now think of as a 4 bedroomed, 2 bathroomed townhouse. Let me now if you would like to book this apartment. I hope the above helps.

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